Dissemination, communication and exploitation of results

Objectives: Disseminate results to stakeholders (scientists, industry producers and general public at large). Communicate results at society at large. Inform regional stakeholders and policy makers. Train growers, farmers, technician and young researchers of third countries. Develop communication actions and production of related tools.

Task 9.1 Production and validation of Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Plan (CDEP)

Task 9.2 Dissemination Actions

Task 9.3 Communication activities

Task 9.4 Training and formation to boost exploitation of results


9.1 Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Plan (mth 4).

9.2 Project web page (mth 8). Description: Web pages on different servers either institutional or onprivate domains.

9.3 Two regional Project seminars (I and II year, for Canary Island and SSA) (mth 24). Description: The seminars will aim at the dissemination of the major MUSA achievements, and will consider invited speakers as well as researchers directly involved in the project.

9.4 Two Project workshops on scientific results (mth 36). Description: These aim at the dissemination of the major MUSA achievements in terms of scientific content, for communication and dissemination in academic or higher education levels. They will consider invited speakers as well as researchers directly involved in the project.

9.5 Third regional seminar with stakeholders for SSA, for results demonstration (mth 40). Description: to be held at IITA, Nigeria, with local stakeholders and farmer organizations.

9.6 Scientific publications and congress presentations/abstracts and multilingual dissemination tools (leaflets, brochures, posters, videos) (mth 42). Description: Open access papers in advanced scientific journals with impact factor, and a broad international audience. Multilingual dissemination leaflets, with other print material in local languages will target farmers and local producers, in SSA and Caribbean, to increase their awareness on the Project’s results and possibilities arising from the acquired knowledge on new varieties, methods and IPM approaches.

9.7 Communication tools (web pages, social networks initiatives) (mth 48). Description: Youtube videos, radio talks, social networks and other web pages, aiming at different targets and in different languages.

9.8 Trainings grants and PhD courses (mth 48). Description: Training-through-research activities will be carried out in the laboratories of CSIC, CNR that will host SARI, CENSA and IITA personnel. One PhD course will be funded at University of Alicante, and three at IITA (Ibadan University). They will start in the first semester of the Project and be completed in the year following the Project completion.