Testing germplasm response for integration with EBCAs

Objectives: Test germplasm for resistance to PD, PPN and BW. Verify suitability of most promising lines to replace susceptible varieties. 3.2) Identify key genes and molecular pathways, to be exploited in the management of banana and enset and in sustainable IPM and plant protection approaches.

Task 3.1 Gene expression in tolerant/susceptible banana and enset, under biotic stresses.

Task 3.2 Rhizosphere metagenomics and EBCAs-induced effects on soil microbial communities.


3.1 EBCAs gene expression data in controlled conditions (mth 32). Transcriptomic data on EBCAs treated banana plants.

3.2 Sequence data for validation of EBCAs tested (mth 36). Transcripts identification for most suitable EBCAs in relation to the defense pathways elicited in treated roots or banana tissues, for their use as markers in field trials.

3.3 Metagenomic data on soil microbial consortia effects on EBCAs on susceptible/tolerant banana and enset (mth 36). Description: identification of all the bacterial taxonomic units present in the rhizosphere of treated bananas, and of the effects induced by a range of treatments, including chemicals and nematocides.

3.4 Gene expression data of banana susceptible/tolerant response with EBCAs, in nursery conditions (by mth 36). Description: data to profile the bananas response before transplant, in relation to treatments with useful microorganisms or EPN.