Socio-economic factors and FFS-based approaches to foster IPM adoption

Objectives: To identify main socio-cultural factors affecting farming practices, determine their impact on the solutions provided by the other WPs, to maximize the efficacy of the proposed approaches, Adapt a flexible approach considering local constraints and promote sustainable protection strategies for banana and enset crops, by means of Field Farming Schools.

Task 8.1 Data gathering for socio-economic analyses

Task 8.2 SWOT analyses to improve market and social impacts

Task 8.3 Principles for biomanagement

Task 8.4 Field farming school-based training to foster IPM


8.1 Parameters and impact data for yield analysis of EBCAs treated plants, for socio-economic purposes (by month 30).

8.2 Market receptivity and socio-economic data report (by month 36).

8.3 Guidelines and recommendations for banana and enset crop biomanagement (by month 40).

8.4 Farming school trainings for farmers and technicians on EBCAs applications and IPM Management in Caribbean and SSA regions (by month 43).