Validation for transfer to stakeholders of locally adapted and effective IPM technologies

Objectives: Validate locally adapted IPM for bio-management and sustainable organic farming

Task 6.1 Validating bioformulations with farmers

Task 6.2 Testing farmers’ contribution to IPM profiles

Task 6.3 Demonstration fields


6.1 Validation SWOT report on bio-formulations for IPM (by month 30). Description: SWOT analysis results on the bioformulation efficacy in the field, including the comparative examination of different bioformulations/microorganisms or EPNs, for evaluation of their overall potential in IPM of banana in different regions, and possible adoption by small holders.

6.2 Bioformulations parameters for transfer of methodologies (by month 36). Description: report on main characteristics of the bioformulations developed (represented by a number of parameters such as water content, composition in terms of species/isolates, pH, presence of additional substrates and compounds, additives, stabilizers, including packaging and shelf-life), that will be required for successful IPM application.

6.3 Data on use of selected EBCAs to manage simultaneous pests (by month 46). Description: Numerical results indicating the efficacy of the EBCAs formulated to control or suppress their target PPN, PD and BW, suitable for use in modeling or in other dissemination, communication tasks.