Procedures for EBCAs mass production, storage and application

Objectives: Mass production, storage and bioformulation for application of EBCAs selected in WP1

Task 4.1 Large-scale cultivation

Task 4.2 Developing bioformulations and storage methods

Task 4.3 Testing plant-derived compounds and helpers with bioformulations in BW management

Task 4.4 Application parameters for bioformulations in PD and PPN management


4.1 Methods for large-scale cultivation of microbial EBCAs and EPNs (by mth 20).

4.2 EBCA formulations and storage methods (by mth 20).

4.3 Plant-derived products and helpers for BW management (by mth 28).

4.4 Bioformulations for application on banana and enset (by mth 32).